CyberCentral enables a single view for all of your devices
Provides automatic reconciliation of CareCERT alerts against your estate
Easily quantify your cyber security risks
Increase compliance and simplify reporting
Real time information and gap analysis


LORCA cohort three

Government programme backs new cyber security solution for health and social care (6th June 2019)

CyberCentral has joined a prestigious group of 15 international cyber scaleups in a 12-month programme with LORCA, the London Office for Cyber Security Advancement.

It is the third cohort of businesses to be funded through LORCA, which brings together technology scaleups to support UK growth in cyber security technology and knowledge as part of the National Cyber Security Strategy by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.

CyberCentral will receive a year of bespoke, world-class support designed to help scale businesses at the government-backed programme which is delivered by innovation centre Plexal (based at tech and innovation campus Here East), Deloitte and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) at Queen’s University Belfast.

CyberCentral stands out from many other solutions as it has been developed as a cost-effective way for public sector organisations to increase visibility of their network, automate routine tasks, and highlight areas of the network most vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is a holistic approach to cyber security which doesn’t require effort to set up and integrate with other products.

A soft launched pilot is underway across a number of UK health trusts in the south east of England, with interest from many other health and social care organisations.

CyberCentral is playing a role in the UK government’s mission to position the UK as a global leader in the growing field of cybersecurity and keep the nation safe from online threats.


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Who we are

CTO Technologies, the company behind CyberCentral, made its name by focusing on commercially-savvy, pragmatic and cost-conscious IT solutions for both private and public sector organisations to drive productivity, operational efficiencies, and business development.

In the course of this work CTO Technologies realised the absence of affordable, easy-to-use tools to help IT teams perform effective vulnerability management of their network devices without huge overhead. Staying on top of the latest cyber vulnerabilities, evaluating this data against the IT network to identify risk levels, and applying remedial action is essential to combat cyber threats, but causes a significant burden on staff and other company resources.

The Cyber Security Platform CyberCentral has been developed as a cost-effective way for organisations to increase visibility of their network, automate routine tasks, and highlight areas of the network most vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

About CyberCentral

CyberCentral is a Cyber Security Platform designed to increase your organisation’s visibility into its IT network; scanning devices and highlighting platforms and software products vulnerable to malware and cyber-attacks in a clear and visual way on a central dashboard. Vulnerabilities, applicable to operating systems and software applications used in your estate and pulled in from a large vulnerability database, will be incorporated into CyberCentral to enhance the relevancy and value of information on show.

Maintaining an up-to-date inventory of your organisation’s IT assets, applications and versions, and analysing these against the latest vulnerability data is key to reducing your organisation’s risk of exposure to cyber-attacks. CyberCentral is a platform designed to both increase efficiency in this process and help ensure efforts are focused on the most vulnerable areas within your IT network.

Whether the platform’s dashboard is used by your organisation’s in-house IT department to help identify network devices to target for remediation, or purchased together with a managed services contract from CTO Technologies, the fundamental concept is reducing the burden your organisation currently has in managing the level of reporting, investigation and remediation required to keep its IT devices secure.

Features of CyberCentral

Cost Effective Cyber Security Platform
Real Time Gap Analysis
Reduced Overhead, Increased Visibility
Easy to Use and Provides Assurance
Local Prioritisation
Automation of Reconciling of CareCERTs that are Alerts Against Your Estate


CyberCentral is very proud of its record in living by our values across all of our portfolio.


CyberCentral Enterprise will scan your organisation’s IT network and show the devices, platforms and applications in use in an online dashboard. These will be analysed against a vast vulnerability database and high-risk devices highlighted for your attention via the dashboard, reports, alerts and notifications.


In addition to scanning your health organisation’s IT network for an inventory of the devices, platforms and applications in use, and comparing this to one of the largest databases of vulnerabilities to provide information to your fingertips in an easy-to-use dashboard, CyberCentral Health will analyse scan results against your CareCERTs to provide reports and aid in compliance with these.


Coming soon, this managed service will focus on providing a cost-effective Security Operations Centre (SOC) for a complete end-to-end cyber security solution. This service will host a dedicated team responsible for maintaining and improving your organisation’s cyber security risks. Our team will be comprised of security experts, analysts, engineers and incident responders; we will be able to provide around-the-clock monitoring of your infrastructure, with a 24/7 helpdesk to react immediately and support the remediation of any cyber risks you’re faced with.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a huge growth market and cyber security is often an afterthought. Coming soon, CyberCentral Home will focus on the security of the personal devices you use at home, reporting on vulnerabilities to assist with remediation and reduce the risk of cyber-attacks coming to your home as well as allowing you to see what is happening on your home network.

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